Fitch Says Rapid Stablecoin Growth Poses ‘Contagion Risks’

The Fitch report suggests that the turmoil also could have the potential to spread to traditional markets.

Markets  ·  1 July 2021

Stablecoin SafeDollar Hit by Cyberattack

The stablecoin's value drops to zero.

News  ·  28 June 2021

Huobi’s New US Affiliate Set to Go Live Next Month

The new company is part of Huobi’s efforts to make a return to the U.S. market.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 June 2021

Signature Bank Taps Tether Rival TrueUSD for Payments Platform

Signet is a real-time payments platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

News  ·  18 June 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Struggles Below $40K as Traders Digest Fed Statement

Bitcoin is under pressure as Fed taper concerns linger, although some expect crypto to remain resilient.

Markets  ·  17 June 2021

Terra’s 25-Fold Price Jump This Year Shows Growing Bet on Algorithmic Stablecoins

The South Korean-based stablecoin platform Terra has seen its market capitalization overtake better-known decentralized rival Maker's.

Markets  ·  14 May 2021

Tether Passes $50B Market Cap

The world’s largest stablecoin last week received a boost by being listed on Coinbase Pro.

News  ·  26 April 2021

Maker Price Passes $4K for First Time, as MakerDAO Brings Real Estate to DeFi

"Real world" assets have entered DeFi, as the Maker protocol reportedly just minted $38,000 of dai stablecoins to finance a mortgage loan.

Markets  ·  21 April 2021

During Bitcoin’s Latest Price Crash, ‘Tether Premium’ Shows Where Money Went

The stablecoin's price in dollars surged during the recent market correction to the highest since the "Black Thursday" sell-off in March 2020.

Markets  ·  20 April 2021

Tether’s Report Card Offers Less Detail Than Rivals’

Our columnist compares how the company behind the leading stablecoin (USDT) attests to its reserves and how its competitors do it.

Markets  ·  19 April 2021

Tether on Tron Blockchain Hits $24B, Surpassing Ethereum Amid Explosive Stablecoin Demand

The amount of tether on the Tron blockchain has exceeded that on Ethereum.

Markets  ·  15 April 2021

Bitfinex Says It Repaid Tether for $550M Loan at Center of NYAG Probe

Bitfinex says early Friday it repaid fully of the loan to Tether.

Markets  ·  5 February 2021

Bullish Sign for Crypto? USDC and Dai Balances on Exchanges Hit Record Highs

Buying in these stablecoins may foretell where the crypto market is going.

Markets  ·  2 February 2021

Kadena Onboards Celo’s Dollar Stablecoin, Plots January Launch for Decentralized Exchange

The hybrid blockchain maker said it is collaborating with fintech firm Celo to on-board its stablecoin, cUSD, to Kadena’s platform using a trustless bridge.

News  ·  15 December 2020

Proposed Chinese Law Outlaws All Yuan-Pegged Tokens – Except for Its CBDC

The new version will essentially also clear the way for the digital yuan to be the one and only official yuan-pegged token in mainland China.

Policy & regulation  ·  23 October 2020