Aragon Acquires Voting Project Vocdoni to Flesh Out Decentralized Governance Stack

The Aragon Association has acquired Vocdoni, a decentralized voting project born out of the Catalan independence movement.

Tech  ·  11 January 2021

‘Decentralized Court’ Aragon Association Hit With Flurry of Resignations

Eleven staffers of Aragon One and one from the Aragon Association have announced their resignations Thursday due to an apparent lack of financial transparency.

Tech  ·  7 January 2021

The Good, the Bad and the DAOs Only a Founder Could Love in 2020

Founder of DAO Leadership Grace Rachmany gives a rundown on the current state of the DAO landscape.

Tech  ·  18 December 2020

CFTC’s Latest Crypto Primer Highlights DeFi, Governance

Decentralized finance and crypto governance are among a growing list of topics the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is watching in the digital asset space, it said in a new primer.

Policy & regulation  ·  17 December 2020

Experiments in Crypto’s Governance Lab

Governance is one of the least appreciated fields of innovation in crypto and this year we saw exciting new ideas emerge.

Policy & regulation  ·  16 December 2020

Curve Finance Votes to Disperse $3M in Fees to Governance Token Holders

The community vote was an exercise in decentralized governance for a protocol not unfamiliar with meeting community demands.

News  ·  27 November 2020

Uniswap Proposal to Airdrop More UNI Falls Short in Governance Vote

The votes were staggeringly in favor, but a quorum was not reached, and Uniswap’s second-ever governance proposal has been defeated.

Tech  ·  1 November 2020

MakerDAO Members Voting on a Safeguard Against BProtocol Flash Loan-Type Attack

The MakerDAO community is voting on a proposal to harden the protocol's governance structure against flash loan voting.

Tech  ·  30 October 2020

Uniswap’s $40M Governance Vote Closes on Halloween and Some UNI Holders Fear for Price

Should users who interacted with Uniswap through a third-party interface be entitled to the free UNI tokens other users received on Sept. 17?

Business  ·  29 October 2020

‘Flash Loans’ Have Made Their Way to Manipulating Protocol Elections

BProtocol used a flash loan to speed up election results on MakerDAO. The DeFi platform is now weighing changes to its voting process.

Tech  ·  29 October 2020

Uniswap’s First Governance Vote Ends in Ironic Failure

The vote had been intended to decide whether or not to reduce the threshold required to make and pass proposals on the DeFi protocol.

Tech  ·  20 October 2020

Boardroom Raises $2.2M for Blockchain Governance Toolset

Blockchain governance suite Boardroom has announced a $2.2 million funding round led by Standard Crypto, with additional participation from Variant, CoinFund, Framework and Slow Ventures.

Business  ·  13 October 2020

Decentralized Governance in the Wild – Lessons From the KuCoin Hack

Ben Goertzel, founder of SingularityNET, reflects on governance decisions made following the $150 million KuCoin exploit – and why hard forking wasn't the best option.

People  ·  12 October 2020

Crypto Co-ops and Game Theory: Why the Internet Must Learn to Collaborate to Survive

As the internet shifts to the open, decentralized standards of Web 3.0, can we find a balance between competition and cooperation?

People  ·  29 September 2020

DAOs Will Never Govern the World (at This Pace)

DAOs were meant to fix the broken democratic processes in today's society. They've come up against their own governance roadblocks.

Tech  ·  21 September 2020