Davos 2020

World Economic Forum Wants to Standardize Ethical Data Collection

The World Economic Forum wants to create guidelines for data storage and distribution, in hopes of making it easier for researchers and governments to make informed decisions.

News  ·  10 December 2020

Notes From the WEF: Cash Is Dead, Long Live Digital Cash

Consensus is building on one issue at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland: Cash is dead.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 January 2020

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse Hints Firm May Seek IPO Within 12 Months

The Ripple CEO said at Davos an initial public offering is seen as the “natural evolution for the company,” perhaps even this year.

Business  ·  24 January 2020

Notes From the WEF: The Coming Battle Between Surveilled and Private Money

Most Davos experts appear to agree that blockchain technology is best for data collection rather than self-sovereign finance.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 January 2020

Hyperledger to Explore How Blockchain Can Help World Meet Climate Goals

The new climate group will allow participants to share ideas for a new distributed database to track emissions.

Tech  ·  22 January 2020

CoinDesk at WEF 2020: Crypto Themes to Watch as Davos Gets Underway

Get your Fourth Industrial Revolution hardhats on. CoinDesk is at Davos to help you ponder the slew of problems ailing today’s global economy.

Policy & regulation  ·  20 January 2020

Why the World Economic Forum Is Creating a Blockchain ‘Bill of Rights’

Sheila Warren, the head of blockchain for the WEF, argues the technology needs a set of principles for staving off potential misuse.

Policy & regulation  ·  20 January 2020

The Prospect of Building a New International Monetary System Is Getting Real

When world leaders gather in Davos next week, they'll confront an essential question, says Circle's Jeremy Allaire: Can they seize blockchain's ability to create value for people around the world?

Policy & regulation  ·  17 January 2020
Digital Yuan

Davos Needs to Wake Up to the Ills of Centralization

The lens of decentralization reveals a number of elephants in the room that world leaders at the WEF are missing.

Policy & regulation  ·  17 January 2020

Currency ‘Cold War’ Takes Center Stage at Pre-Davos Crypto Confab

Cryptocurrencies could be at the heart of a new Cold War, at least according to some investors at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz.

Policy & regulation  ·  16 January 2020
Artificial Intelligence

Fake News on Steroids: Deepfakes Are Coming – Are World Leaders Prepared?

What 2018 and 2019 were to blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the WEF stage (met with a healthy mix of intrigue and skepticism), 2020 will be to synthetic media, also known by the ominous-sounding euphemism “deepfakes.”

Tech  ·  16 January 2020

Ahead of Davos, What Can Cash Teach Us About Crypto?

"I have long held that, were cash invented today, it would be dismissed by policymakers, bankers and law enforcement as dystopian, absurd and dangerous."

Policy & regulation  ·  15 January 2020
WEF 2020

Storming the Gates: How ‘Crypto Davos’ Became a Thing

How the crypto industry can (and has) influenced the premier gathering of the world's economic and political elite.

People  ·  14 January 2020