Canaan Creative


Avalon Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan Posts $13 Million Q3 Profit in New Filing

Canaan, the world's second-largest bitcoin miner maker, has posted $13 million Q3 profit in its latest US IPO filing update.

Markets  ·  7 November 2019
Funding Rounds

Avalon Miner Maker Canaan Raises ‘Hundreds of Millions’ in New Funding

Canaan Creative, the maker of Avalon miners, has closed a significant funding round, valuing the firm at over $1 billion, according to a report.

Business  ·  12 March 2019

Co-Founder Quits Avalon Mining Chip Maker Canaan Over ‘Differences’

Xiangfu Liu has left the board and management team of Canaan Creative, maker of the Avalon crypto miner.

Business  ·  12 February 2019

Bitcoin Mining Giant Holds Flash Sale to Celebrate Price ‘Bottom’

Bitcoin miner maker Canaan Creative has revealed it is temporarily cutting prices to "celebrate" bitcoin's recent price rise.

Business  ·  29 November 2018

Bitcoin Miner Canaan’s IPO Likely Delayed After Hong Kong Filing Expires

Canaan Creative's IPO may be in doubt as the bitcoin mining firm's filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has now lapsed.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 November 2018

A New Line of Powerful ASIC Miners Is Coming to Ethereum

Chen Min, formerly Canaan's chief chip maker, is releasing a line of ethereum ASICs through her new venture, Linzhi.

Business  ·  13 September 2018

Canaan Wants to Put Bitcoin Mining Chips Inside TVs

Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Canaan Creative has debuted two new mining products.

Markets  ·  2 August 2018