Former Ripple Exec Invests $57.5 Million in Uphold

Digital money platform Uphold has received a $57.5 million investment from former Federal Reserve analyst and Ripple chief risk officer Greg Kidd.

Business  ·  25 January 2018

Bitcoin Startups Face Backlash for Perceived Pivots

Bitcoin industry startups are facing backlash over a new set of articles in which they have been portrayed as pivoting away from the cryptocurrency.

Business  ·  24 November 2015

Bitcoin in the Headlines: The Blockchain Reigns Supreme

Another great week for blockchain technology, heralded by Barclay's partnership with two distributed ledger startups.

Business  ·  16 October 2015

Bitreserve Overhauls Platform, Rebrands as ‘Uphold’

Bitreserve has unveiled a major overhaul of its platform and a new name: Uphold, Inc.

Business  ·  14 October 2015

Bitreserve Names New CEO in Leadership Shift

Bitreserve has announced a shake-up of its leadership team, one that sees its chief operating officer Anthony Watson taking on the role of CEO.

Business  ·  23 June 2015

Former Mastercard Exec Joins Bitreserve’s Security Team

Former MasterCard executive William Dennings has joined Bitreserve as the firm’s chief information security officer (CISO). Bitreserve noted Dennings’ appointment would be instrumental in the company’s mission to set anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) controls, required to safeguard users’ deposits and information. The newly appointed CISO said: “Information security extends well beyond IT […]

Business  ·  9 June 2015

Bitreserve Taps Former Nike Exec to Help ‘Democratize Money’

Bitreserve has named former Nike CIO Anthony Watson as its new president and chief operating officer.

Markets  ·  9 April 2015

Bitreserve Tool Lets You Watch Bitcoin Transactions in Real-Time

Bitreserve has launched, a real-time visualisation to show its users how money is held, used and transferred on the platform.

Business  ·  19 March 2015

Bitreserve Users Can Now Peg Bitcoin to New Metals and Swiss Franc

Bitreserve has added three new precious metals, a sixth currency option and five new languages to its bitcoin storage platform. Having introduced gold last year, the site will now also allow its users to hold bitcoin pegged to silver, platinum or palladium. Bitreserve has also integrated the Swiss franc, saying that it is “a strong currency in its own right with a […]

Markets  ·  18 February 2015
Venture Capital

Bitreserve Raises $9.6 Million in Crowdfunding Campaign

Bitreserve has closed its fundraising campaign after raising $9,620,802 (£6,363,024) via two crowdfunding platforms.

Business  ·  13 January 2015
Venture Capital

Bitreserve Seeks to Raise $10 Million in Crowdfunding Campaign

Bitreserve, a bitcoin storage platform that aims for transparency, is raising $10m from the general public and institutional investors

Business  ·  19 November 2014

Bitreserve Launches With Real-Time Transparency Data

Bitreserve, an attempt to provide greater transparency for bitcoin storage, exited beta today.

Business  ·  30 October 2014

First Glimpse Inside Halsey Minor’s New Payments Platform Bitreserve

CoinDesk previews Bitreserve's new bank-like wallet and payments platform, which opens to beta users next week.

Business  ·  22 June 2014
Halsey Minor

CNET’s Halsey Minor on Bankruptcy, Financial Disruption and His ‘Reserve Bank’ for Bitcoin

The creator of CNET talks about bankruptcy, Bitreserve and how bitcoin can help avoid another banking crisis.

Business  ·  14 June 2014