DeFi Data Feed Service API3 Becomes a DAO

As well as steering the direction of the project, the DAO aims to provide a kind of decentralized insurance against oracle failings.

Tech  ·  8 July 2021

Crypto Credit Rating Firm Credmark Pivots to Modeling DeFi Protocol Risks

The firm spent three years trying to develop credit scoring for crypto users, but realized that data collection on DeFi protocols fell short.

News  ·  3 June 2021

Oracle Provider API3 Signs 10-Year Deal With Open Bank Project

The partnership could bring fintech and banking customers into DeFi, says Open Bank Project founder Simon Redfern.

Business  ·  19 April 2021
Funding Rounds

‘Chainlink Killer’ API3 Closes $3M Funding Round With Placeholder and Pantera

API3, a firm aiming to provide an alternative to oracle service Chainlink, has raised $3 million in a private funding round led by Placeholder.

Business  ·  12 November 2020