Hyperledger Adds 8 More Members to End 2016

29 December 2016

Open-source, business blockchain consortium Hyperledger has announced that eight new members have joined its ranks.

The new members represent a mixed bag of companies, ranging from a venture-backed startup, to a state-owned telecommunications firm.

In a year that saw the consortium run by the non-profit Linux Foundation grow to from zero to 100 members, the diverse additions serve a fitting closure.

Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf said in a statement:

“2016 was a year of exploration, R&D and prototyping, we’re excited for 2017 to be the year we start to see case studies of the technology in production environments.”

The latest members are the non-profit subsidiary of venture-backed Factom, along with CA Technologies, Hashed Health, Koscom, LedgerDomain, Lykke and the Sovrin Foundation.

Last week, CoinDesk had reported the inclusion of the eighth member announced today, Switzerland telecommunications firm, Swisscom.

Also last week, a group of a dozen Hyperledger members participated in the first cross-ocean transaction of a virtual asset on the Fabric blockchain platform, even if it was just a virtual marble.

Image via Shutterstock