Crypto Is for the Dissidents and Disenfranchised

NLW reads two stories that show crypto's ability to give power to those historically power-less.

Others  ·  14 November 2021

Is Jack Dorsey About to Announce a Bitcoin DeFi Platform?

With a white paper releasing just days after the Taproot upgrade, Square’s TBD might be a bitcoin DeFi platform.

Others  ·  13 November 2021

Indian Crypto Companies to Meet With Lawmakers Next Week: Report

A number of India’s most prominent crypto firms are set to meet with the government next week to provide their views on the industry.

Others  ·  12 November 2021

Crypto News Roundup for Nov. 10, 2021

With bitcoin jumping to a new all-time high, plus a look at regulations on crypto earning platforms, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

Others  ·  10 November 2021

Kazakhstan Won’t Restrict Electricity to Lawful Crypto Miners, Minister Says

The minister and local mining industry see renewables as a solution to Kazakhstan’s energy woes.

Others  ·  10 November 2021

Huobi Global to Expel Singapore Users, Citing Local Regulations

The crypto exchange is looking to expand overseas to make up for lost Chinese users.

Others  ·  10 November 2021

Day 7 of Kleiman v. Wright: Wright Tells Jury Kleiman Only Mined ‘Testnet’ Bitcoins

The self-styled “Satoshi” also testified that he bought (and then spent) 1.1 million BTC through the notorious “Tulip Trust.”

Others  ·  10 November 2021

What a Decade in Crypto Teaches You

Defining risk for clients and advisers. There is no hard line.

Others  ·  10 November 2021

Crypto News Roundup for Nov. 9, 2021

With both bitcoin and ether soaring past previous all-time highs and a look at a $4 million hip hop album, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

Others  ·  9 November 2021

NEAR Predictions: Developers Chart the Bridge to Professional Freedom

In spring 2018, as initial coin offerings (ICOs) fueled a massive boom in crypto, the RSA Conference brought together nearly 50,000 professionals in Las Vegas to discuss the latest updates in internet security and cryptography.

Others  ·  9 November 2021

Basel Committee to Review Proposed Capital Requirements for Banks With Crypto Assets

The global standard-setter for banking regulation's proposed capital requirements for crypto assets were criticized by leading global banks.

Others  ·  9 November 2021

ECB’s Panetta Says CBDCs ‘Likely’ to Be Legal Tender: Report

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are "likely" to become legal tender in the jurisdictions of their issuance, the ECB's Fabio Panetta said.

Others  ·  9 November 2021

Swiss Central Bank Ready to Run With wCBDC in January: ‘Just Takes a Policy Decision’

SNB has completed testing of a wholesale CBDC with Swiss exchange SDX, and is technically ready to go live, according to governing board member Thomas Moser.

Others  ·  9 November 2021