Bitcoin Breakout May Have Further to Run, Altcoins Also to Gain, FSInsight Says

9 November 2021

Bitcoin?s breakout above $63,300 on Monday to all-time highs is ?constructive technically? and should see prices rise to $72,000 initially and then $77,600, according to FSInsight, a markets strategy and research firm.

FSInsight notes that bitcoin momentum isn?t overbought yet on daily or weekly timeframes.

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A breakout in bitcoin?s market-cap dominance chart means it may outperform altcoins in the near term, FSInsight said. This ?represents a likely shift to higher market capitalization into bitcoin than altcoins in the near future.?

Bitcoin and ether cycles ?show upward progress into end of November before a peak in price that could persist into 2022,? FSInsight said.

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Chainlink is also attempting to move above its recent price range, and FSInsight?s first target is $43.70 followed by $52.45.

A close in litecoin above $209.49 opens the way for a move to $259 then $295.60, according to FSInsight.

Bitcoin was trading about $67,600, ether $4,800, litecoin $250, algorand $1.97 and chainlink $35 as of publication time.

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