Top US Lawmaker Presses Big Companies on Ransomware Crypto Payments

Paying international criminals to unlock data “will put an even bigger target on the back of critical infrastructure,” says U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

People  ·  3 June 2021

Biden Administration to Probe Crypto Use in Ransomware Attacks

"Expanding cryptocurrency analysis" is part of the U.S. president's new review of ransomware attacks.

News  ·  2 June 2021

Ransomware Attacks Are Growing More Profitable, Chainalysis Says

Ransomware-linked addresses saw at least $81 million in crypto flow in this year, the blockchain analytics firm said in a new report.

News  ·  14 May 2021

Colonial Pipeline Paid Almost $5M Crypto Ransom Soon After Attack: Report

The company previously said it would not pay the hackers.

Policy & regulation  ·  13 May 2021

Enforcing KYC, AML Laws Is Key to Reducing Ransomware Attacks: Task Force

Existing AML/KYC laws could reduce ransomware proliferation, but it would require an international effort.

News  ·  29 April 2021

Acer Reportedly Hit With $50M Crypto-Ransomware Demand

Acer hasn't yet confirmed the attack, reports Tech Radar.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 March 2021

Kia Motors America Victim of Ransomware Attack Demanding $20M in Bitcoin, Report Claims

BleepingComputer claims to have evidence the ransomware gang DoppelPaymer is demanding 404 BTC from the car firm.

Policy & regulation  ·  18 February 2021

US Government Takes Aim at NetWalker Ransomware Attacks

Prosecutors indicted an alleged NetWalker affiliate and coordinated the takedown of darkweb resources.

News  ·  28 January 2021

Former UK Cybersecurity Chief Says Laws Are Needed to Stop Ransomware Payouts

“People are paying bitcoin to criminals and claiming back cash” via insurance claims, Ciaran Martin said.

Policy & regulation  ·  25 January 2021

Bitcoin Is Aiding the Ransomware Industry

We are living in a world where the second-order effects of permissionless money – like the greater use of ransomware – are already evident.

Policy & regulation  ·  19 January 2021

Coronavirus-Induced Poverty Will Bring More Bitcoin Crime in 2021: Kaspersky Report

The cybersecurity specialist foresees a rise in crypto crime ahead in 2021 as the COVID-19 epidemic hits national economies.

Policy & regulation  ·  30 November 2020

Cyberattackers Demand $11M in Bitcoin From Japanese Gaming Giant Capcom

Japanese gaming giant Capcom’s networks have reportedly come under attack, with criminals demanding a bitcoin ransom in exchange for not leaking confidential company information to the public.

News  ·  11 November 2020

Ban All Ransomware Payments, in Bitcoin or Otherwise

The U.S. Treasury Department has outlawed certain ransomware payments. If it was serious, it would go further, says our columnist.

Policy & regulation  ·  21 October 2020

G7 Warns of Crypto Threat From Tidal Wave of Ransomware Attacks

Paying ransomware hackers to decrypt infected computers doesn't always work, and may even be a crime in some countries.

News  ·  13 October 2020

OFAC Warns That Firms Helping Victims With Ransomware Payouts Risk Violating Its Rules

If you assist a ransomware victim in paying out to cyber attackers, you could end up facing civil penalties, OFAC says.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 October 2020