Lloyd's of London

BitGo Adds $600M in Insurance Capacity to Comfort Big-Time Bitcoin Holders

Bolstered by a wave of institutional crypto investors, BitGo is in a race against its peers to add insurance coverage.

Business  ·  21 April 2021

Bitstamp Adds Crypto Crime Insurance for Assets Held Online

The new policy means user funds are protected both on- and offline.

Business  ·  19 October 2020

Crypto.com Lands Record $360M Insurance Cover for Offline Bitcoin Vaults

Crypto.com has gathered a record-breaking $360 million worth of insurance to cover the potential loss of coins stored in special offline vaults.

Business  ·  11 May 2020

BitGo Allows Customers to Extend Crypto Insurance Cover Over $100M

BitGo customers can now boost their insurance limits beyond $100 million to cover the loss or destruction of crypto stored in special vaults.

Business  ·  18 March 2020

Ledger’s Vault Scores $150 Million in Crypto Insurance From Lloyd’s Syndicate

The move is another sign that the insurance industry is gradually becoming comfortable writing coverage for digital assets.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 November 2019

$255 Million: Coinbase Confirms Extent of Crypto Insurance Coverage

Coinbase has revealed the details of its $255 million insurance policy for crypto held on customers' behalf.

Policy & regulation  ·  2 April 2019

Underwriter Claims Crypto Custodian BitGo Exaggerated Insurance Coverage

An underwriter of BitGo’s $100 million crypto insurance policy says the custodian described it in a misleading way.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 March 2019

BitGo Offering $100 Million in Crypto Insurance Through Lloyd’s of London

BitGo is providing $100 million of cover against theft of digital assets or the loss of cryptographic keys via Lloyd’s of London.

Business  ·  19 February 2019

The Crypto Insurance Market May Total $6 Billion. That’s Nowhere Near Enough

There is less than $5 billion of global capacity to insure crypto wallets held in custody. Coinbase has secured a significant chunk of that.

Policy & regulation  ·  21 November 2018

Lloyd’s of London Makes Quiet Entrance Into Crypto Insurance Market

Just a month after issuing a warning about crypto assets, insurer Lloyd's of London is beginning to enter the business, a new partnership shows.

Policy & regulation  ·  28 August 2018

Ethereum-Powered Insurer Nexus Is Winning Over Blockchain Skeptics

Nexus is one of several blockchain startups trying to revive mutual insurance. Its first product will cover the risks of ethereum smart contracts.

Policy & regulation  ·  7 August 2018