Civil Forfeiture

‘Satoshi’s Birthday’: April 5 Is a Day to Be Thankful for Bitcoin

The 88th anniversary of FDR's executive order 6102 brings a sobering reminder of the value of confiscation-resistant currency.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 April 2021

DC Magistrate Judge Calls Unhosted Wallet ‘Horror Story’ a ‘Fiction’

“Indeed, cash poses a greater challenge to law enforcement than cryptocurrency in unhosted wallets," wrote Judge Zia Faruqui in an opinion on a forfeiture case.

News  ·  14 January 2021

$25,000 in Bitcoin Seized from Alleged Software Scam Operator

Roughly $26,000 in bitcoins and litecoins have been seized as part of an investigation into an alleged software scam.

Policy & regulation  ·  9 February 2015