Blockchain Capital Isn’t Flattered by Imitation, Sues Similarly Named Firm

4 September 2020

Venture capital firm Blockchain Capital filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging a Florida company, Blockchain Capital Management LLC (BCM), has infringed on its trademark by using a similar name to operate in the financial services sector.  BCM’s founder says the accused firm will soon be dissolved.

  • The San Francisco-based Blockchain Capital was co-founded by crypto entrepreneur Brock Pierce and partners Bart Stephens and Bradford Stephens in 2013. The venture capital firm has invested in over 55 tokens and equities
  • Blockchain Capital’s complaint argues the alleged infringement can cause confusion and creates the possibility of the public being deceived.
  • The San Francisco-based firm wants the Florida Secretary of State to either dissolve BCM or force it to remove ‘Blockchain Capital’ from its name. 
  • The suit may be short-lived as BCM founder Fareed Ifthikar told CoinDesk in a LinkedIn message that BCM is largely a dormant company and has no intention of fighting the case.
  • “We have asked our counsel to start the process of dissolution for the aforementioned company and should be completed soon,” said Ifthikar